unwrapped presents

by Kristen

I have a little memory issue. I forget a lot. Often significant things. Entire vacations. Intentional memory-making outings.

In my feeble defense, I am the youngest child. There are some things for which I cannot be held responsible.

But I haven’t forgotten everything.

On Christmas morning my parents were up first. Once the three of us were up and ready we waited behind the closed hall door. Dad was in the living room. Camera at the ready. Mom would open the hall door and verify our eyes were closed. Then she would lead us into the entryway.

She positioned us in the doorway of the living room. Eyes still closed. Some years she posed us; some years we got creative all on our own. But she always told each of us where we were looking: eldest, look at the chair; middle, look in front of the fireplace; youngest, look at the loveseat.

And when Dad was ready to snap the reaction picture, we opened our eyes and each looked at the designated location of our unwrapped present.

I may not remember what all the special gifts were, but I remember the tradition. I remember the anticipation and the volume of love spoken through the annual event. I remember the joy on my parents’ faces watching each of us discover what we’d received.

We’re all grown up now. We don’t receive unwrapped presents at Christmas any more, but it was never about the gifts. It was always about the expression of love given and love received. And that I won’t forget.


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