two are better than one

by Kristen

Everyone expected Grandma to have something up her sleeve.

We’d all eaten a piece of her hand-dipped chocolate-covered Ivory soap—though I’m the only one who swallowed—or climbed into a short-sheeted bed or had our pajama legs sewn shut.

But when Grandpa got in on the action that was a big deal.

I don’t know which of them had the idea, but I know Grandpa was the one drilling holes through closet walls to run the wires. He was probably the one setting the timer he’d rigged up to the tape deck and handling the technical aspects.

Perhaps it was only fair for him to do the lion’s share of the work since it was his cousin and his wife whom they jolted out of bed at two in the morning with the Hallelujah Chorus blaring from within the wall.

I’m not sure if Grandma and Grandpa laughed harder at hearing Chet spring out of bed to silence the noise or at Betty’s shock that he would dare try to turn off one of her favorite songs.

Their pranks weren’t always so elaborate, but spending the night at their house took on a new level of anticipation after we heard about that one.


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