Love, Laughter and Our Long Goodbye

by Kristen

Three years ago I began writing a story I’d both waited my whole life to write and one I never wanted to write.

Nineteen months and tens of thousands of words later, I said my final earthly goodbye to my sweet grandma. It was the hardest word I’ve ever uttered.

It would be a lie to say the story is finished because my life will never stop being shaped by my grandma’s influence, but the words I started writing when she went into the hospital came to a close. I made some tiny tweaks, but by and large the words I put down in the moment-by-moment journeyas raw and deeply personal as they wereremained unchanged.

And now I am both excited and terrified to tell you I gifted those words to my family, and I would be honored to share them with you, too.

My memoir Love, Laughter and Our Long Goodbye is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.*


*The back cover is not viewable on the Kindle, and that’s sad, so think about going the paperback route for the full experience.