expected gift (in the living)

by Kristen

Five months and nine days—one hundred sixty-two days—after saying goodbye to Grandma we say hello to the newest member of the family: a baby girl.

This is life. In the goings and the comings. In the goodbyes and the hellos. Always dynamic, never static.

Welcome to the world, Baby Girl.

You are ours and we are yours. We’ve been waiting and praying for you longer than you’ll ever understand. Without you we weren’t complete—we may have thought we were, but we were not. That’s the beauty of this family. We long for the presence of each one. And now you are here, with us.

We will disappoint you and confuse you and frustrate you, but even in those moments I pray you will know how deeply loved you are. Because we have loved you, we do love you and we will love you. Period. You are loved. It’s a beautiful non-negotiable. It won’t be perfect—not a one of us is—but it will be constant.

It’s a great, big, scary, wonderful world you’ve entered. And I can’t wait to help carry you into it in our embrace.

Happy Birth, Baby Girl.

Aunt Kristen


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