by Kristen

There’s something about the middle. He knows what needs to be done, and he does it.

Where did he learn this stuff? The eldest and I are very capable people. But we need a little more time. We need to research. We have to master a skill. There’s effort and work involved. The middle? He seems innately wired to do whatever needs to be done.

Need a new gate? He’ll build it. Lawnmower not working? He’ll fix it. Bloody wound? He’ll clean and bandage it. Need wedding pictures taken? Someone to barbecue? A room painted? A gun cleaned? A baby swaddled? He’s the man.

When I moved to Las Vegas, he and a friend packed my U-Haul. They came in to ask where the rest of my stuff was. They had it all. And oodles of room to spare in the truck. So they built a hanging system and organized all my clothes.

The move was two weeks before my birthday. And when the middle found out I would be alone in a new city he fixed that too. It’s not that he wanted to go to Vegas for the weekend or even that he cares much about birthdays; but when a thing needs to be done, he does it. I don’t remember anything about the weekend other than him installing a security lock on my apartment door and otherwise ensuring my new abode was up to his standards.

Because that’s what needed to be done.


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