perpetual cookie

by Kristen

Sitting on the grass I popped a cookie in my mouth. Dessert, the best part of lunch. No doubt my circle of friends continued talking, but I was distracted. I kept chewing, but the cookie wasn’t breaking down. I started to gag.

Something was seriously wrong with my cookie.

Unable to take it any more I jumped up and ran to a trashcan. With no grace at all I was done with the cookie. As I straightened up my eyes crossed the quad in time to see the middle doubled over his own trashcan.

And that’s when I understood.

I returned to my lunch and reached for an uneaten cookie. I broke it apart. Inside a layer of baked goodness was a cotton ball.

I should have known. Grandma’s reach knew no bounds.

My junior high friends didn’t know about Grandma’s April Fool’s pranks, but every year after they were eager to sit close by to see the possible results.


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