by Kristen

“What kind of fair is that?”

That was my phrase. My incessant question.

And nine-and-a-half times out of ten it was asked because my older brothers were allowed to do something I was not. I could not understand they were older, they were bigger, they were more able. If they could climb that tree, I was sure I could, too. Go to their age-appropriate schools? I wouldn’t interrupt.

No doubt it was the question I posed as a three-year old when I saw my brothers dressed for the church Christmas program. They were shepherds. White tunics with reddish over-pieces and matching reddish headpieces. Very impressive.

And that day it wasn’t a battle Mom was willing to fight. Into a red long-sleeve shirt and overalls I went. They were caring for sheep; I was a farmer.

I look far happier than they do in the picture in the Christmas album.


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